Explore the Unfamiliar


Experience the thrill of floating over untouched nature with an adventure designed for the explorers and the scenic appreciators, Swakopmund Fat Bike Tours offers a unique cycling experience.

Designed with balloon-like tyres that run at low pressure, Swakopmund Fat Bike Tours offers the most ecological way to explore the Fresh Namibian air. Providing Fat Bike and City Bike rentals, tour Swakopmund and absorb the breathtaking scenery. Offering tours for all fitness levels, choose from two hours to full-day excursions across Namibia’s famous dunes, city, beach or Sandwich Harbour. Continue reading



A new gold standard in dining awaits at AURUM – where honest cuisine expresses itself. Telling a story from seed to plate, AURUM delivers a showcase of seasonal dishes focusing on a modern interpretation of European cuisine. Furnishing your palette with an experience beyond remarkable cuisine, AURUM offers life-changing micro-moments and cherished experiences.

Introducing extraordinary dishes, AURUM creates a nostalgic culinary playground where every work of art on the menu is thoughtfully curated and seasonally dictated. Headed up by Paulo Santo, the MD, and a phenomenal team of talented chefs including Darren O’ Donovan as Head Chef, and Lisa de Beer as Sous Chef and Sommelier, the commitment to responsible sourcing through minimised environmental impact are at the heart of the curation of the purest of flavours at AURUM. Continue reading

Hairdressing Redefined


Elevate your hair game and get the perfect blend every time. Paul Fox, the mastermind, and his team of creative stylists and apprentices go to great lengths to ensure runway-ready looks are the results of the consultations at Paul James Hairdressing.

With over thirteen salons in and around Johannesburg, Paul James Hairdressing caters to the hairdressing needs across all cultures. With a portfolio of consistent and precise results allow the team at Paul James Hairdressing to transform your hair. Continue reading

Build Your Routine


Spoil your body and power up your skin with a blend of nature’s untouched elements. L’Occitane en Provence brings luxury products to homes across the world.

Sourcing natural active ingredients, from over 130 French Farmers, across the fields of Corsica and Provence. L’Occitane en Provence offers ingredients of highest quality such as shea butter, lavender, verbena and immortelle, L’Occitane en Provence nurtures a passion for exploring nature’s goodness. Continue reading

Revolutionising Sneaker Hygiene


For the active and footwear-conscious, allow The Sneaker Shack to shape the way you view sneaker hygiene. With a group of trained sneaker-care-technicians, rest assured your sneakers will receive that long-awaited make-over, in under 24 hours.

Maintaining good hygiene is essential in ensuring healthy feet. Sneakers used for activities and everyday wear often trap dirt and perspiration which results in unpleasant aromas, visually unappealing footwear and poor hygiene practices. Ensuring your sneakers are given a thorough cleanse is vital, just as one ensures everyday garments are washed. Continue reading