Revolutionising Sneaker Hygiene


For the active and footwear-conscious, allow The Sneaker Shack to shape the way you view sneaker hygiene. With a group of trained sneaker-care-technicians, rest assured your sneakers will receive that long-awaited make-over, in under 24 hours.

Maintaining good hygiene is essential in ensuring healthy feet. Sneakers used for activities and everyday wear often trap dirt and perspiration which results in unpleasant aromas, visually unappealing footwear and poor hygiene practices. Ensuring your sneakers are given a thorough cleanse is vital, just as one ensures everyday garments are washed. Continue reading

Bringing Joy to Your Sole


The ubiquitous shoe staple. Pronounced ‘hah-vai-YAH-nas’, for many this brand may be difficult to enunciate, however, all is forgotten when slipped onto one’s feet. Made in Brazil, Havaianas simply translates to Hawaiians.

Loved by many for the marshmallow comfort, durability, design and colour, this brand has evidently earned the reputation of the ‘best rubber sandal in the world’. Inspired by Zori, typical Japanese sandals made of fabric straps and rice straw soles, an unmistakable feature of Havaianas is the rice pattern texture of the soles and the perfect translation of colour and personality. Continue reading

Revolutionise in Style


Take command, push boundaries and redefine your style. Exclusive to the daring and audacious game-changers — conform only to your own expectations with Palladium.

Light-weight and breathable with impeccable design, experience undeniable comfort and be the envy of many. Iconic and military-inspired by construct, with a wide range of contemporary-styled and weatherproof footwear; Palladium offers the durability you have been in search of. Continue reading

A New Perspective


Great eye care begins at Biovision Optometrists. Delivering clear and comfortable vision since 2000, Biovision Optometrists offer professional eye care to ensure ocular health.

Time for an eye check? With a number of visual examinations and instruments, rest assured in the hands of the team at Biovision Optometrists. Providing you with the highest level of eye care and a variety of branded and generic eye wear, Biovision Optometrists place their trust in world-class brands such as RayBan, Tom Ford, CooperVision and Acuvue to name a few.Keep your eyes safe from those harmful sun rays with good UV-blocking sunglasses available at Biovision Optometrists. Continue reading

A Culinary Performance!

The Centurion Hotel - Bruno's Restaurant - Lunch Setup 2

All great things are simple. At this Centurion eatery, simplest remains best. Oozing deliciousness, Bruno’s Restaurant is a culinary and visual feast. With a full-house offering of a restaurant, bar and deli, Bruno’s offers an array of delectable delights. Located at The Centurion Hotel, Bruno’s Restaurant provides a home away from home ambience for hotel guests and visitors alike. Continue reading