International Dog Day With Hunter SA

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Welcome to the world of Hunter, established almost 40 years ago in Germany with an international presence spanning 66 countries. Loved and trusted by modern pet owners worldwide, including our adorable best friends as well.

The Hunter brand is admired for the attention to detail in every product, embraced for the highest quality standards, acknowledged for being a statement brand and loved for its technological advancements in each product innovation.

Their passion for materials, outstanding product knowledge and their joy in hand-crafted perfection is their driving force and defines the highest demands they set for themselves.

As a family business, they commit ourselves to setting standards in manufacturing, which no others are capable of doing. Select from warm and cozy beds, or soft and fluffy puppy blankets or hand stitched handmade leather collars, leashes and much much more.

Celebrate International Dog Day on the 26th of August 2017 and Spend or Earn Lifestyle Rands with Hunter SA.

Click here for information on Hunter SA.




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