IMC 2018 Cancervive Ride

40653140_1798578536845040_7427084974135705600_n (002)

Indian Motorcycle South Africa recently sponsored the 2018 Cancervive Ride and together with survivors and supporters from all over the country streamed to Cape Town to take on the gruelling 1743kms in 10 days, to spread the message of love and hope and educate schools, companies and hospitals about Cancer.

Indian Motorcycle South Africa believes in giving back and by supporting this cause ensured that these brave warriors travelled safely across the Western Cape. Cancervive takes a unique approach to cancer awareness reaching a wider audience of people from all backgrounds. The 10-day motorcycle ride allows Cancervive campaign members share their stories, celebrate life, and raise funds to help fight the disease.


The journey was filled with tears and laughter and the riders were greeted with joyful hoots as the low rumble of dozens of Indian Motorcycle engines formed the soundtrack to Cancervive’s 2018 journey.

Click here to find out more on how you can contribute to the cause:

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