Soldierboy makes his comeback


South Africa’s icon and our proud ambassador Garreth “Soldierboy” McLellan is making his way back to the hexagon in South Africa.

After a 2-year sabbatical, Soldierboy the face of South African MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and the EFC (Extreme Fighting Championships) for over a decade is set to make his comeback at EFC in March 2019. The MMA superstar who made history by being the first South African based athlete to win at an international promotional the UFC (Ultimate Fight Championships) is excited to continue his legacy in SA where it all began.

His return will form part of a journey starting with “The Fighter” series set to air on SABC 3 in 2019 against S1 winner Brendan Lesar and is set to start filming in in early Jan. The show will see the 2 coaches Lesar and McLellan mentor young EFC hopefuls and up and coming MMA stars through a 6-week war to secure a place in the final two. The two finalists will be the co-main event at the grand finale of “The FIghter” EFC at the Sun International venue Time Square in March. Fans will be treated to two main card bouts that will see finalist on finalist and coach vs coach fight for the coveted title “Fight of The Night.”

“After much needed time off I am excited to start this journey and to get back in the cage! I am super focused and hungry to show the fans what I am capable. I am bringing the old Soldierboy back and going back to my roots but most of all I am so excited to fight in front of my home fans again. I can’t wait for this!” Garreth Soldierboy McLellan.
Soldierboy is also very excited to step back and perform in front of the multitudes of loyal fans and sponsors who helped catapult his name to the top giving them the respect and gratitude they deserve.

“The fans want to see Soldierboy fight, that’s all they want, they don’t care who and they don’t care where and it’s time we give them what they want.” Ginnie McLellan – Soldierboy Management.

For more information contact Ginnie on 0829263650 or on

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