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Are you on the pulse with the latest tech news and gadgets or love the old school sound of a classic turntable? As a Lifestyle Member, you have access to all this and more! Read on to find out more about our tech-savvy partners.

Mr Vinyl

“We learned more from a three-minute record than we ever learned in school.” — Bruce Springsteen From rock, metal, hip-hop and pop, to reggae, funk and soul, Mr Vinyl is a one-stop shop for the old school music collector. They stock a range of products at affordable prices and cater for every music taste. Not only do they stock records but products as well, shop for your very own turntable or accessorize the one you have.  Pay Mr Vinyl a visit at 44 Stanley, take a spin around the shop, and start your collection today. Click here to find out more:



Need to invest in a new television set, the latest cellphone or smartwatch? Browse through a variety of products and more at CaCell. Not only do they stock the latest items but have a range of brands such as Samsung, Huawei, Apple and more. You can also shop for the latest Xbox and PlayStation games for your next gaming session.  Browse here:


Lifestyle Members Earn 8% in Rewards at Mr Vinyl and 2% at CaCell. Browse more of our partners here:

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