Grand Africa Café & Beach

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Great art is thought-provoking – it inspires conversation, an exchange of viewpoints and even lively debate, and if ever there was a venue that was tailor-made for precisely such scintillating exchanges, then it’s the Grand Africa Café & Beach, located at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town’s Granger Bay.

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Dining at the Maximillien


Experience New York style fine dining in the heart of Sandton at Maximillien Restaurant at Davinci Hotel and Suites. Enjoy a fabulous menu while overlooking the bustling city below. Interested? Read on to find out more. Hot off the press is the launch of an inspired new menu at The Maximillien. While the menu is in itself a thing of beauty, the subtle return by the venue to its roots, steeped in New York styled dining has really elevated it to an intersection of style and community.

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Tokara – Odobey Clock



The beautiful Tokara Vineyard is situated in the historic Western Cape area of Stellenbosch and is framed by even more vineyards and olive groves. The Cape Wine region is a well-known destination for wine enthusiasts, but there is something hidden in the Tokara Vineyard that brings visitors to the estate besides the wine: an Odobey turret clock.

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