Experience the Journey to Love…


Adventurous dates, exotic locations and fantasy suites. A chance at finding love and igniting the flame of passion.

Join 24 beauties on their quest to find eternal love on The Bachelor South Africa, a local version of the dating show production of Warner Bros. Before there is a ring, there has to be love and these lucky women have the chance of vying over the Bachelor’s love.

In the very first episode, the Bachelor meets all the ladies and the one who makes the strongest first impression will receive the first impression rose.

In order to get to know the ladies better, the Bachelor does some serious romancing. With the use of date cards, the Bachelor invites ladies on an individual or group dates. Group dates involve the Bachelor getting to know several of the ladies at once, often engaging in adventurous activities to get to know their personality. Any lucky lady who has made an impression on the Bachelor could stand a chance to go on a one-on-one date, and have The Bachelor all to herself.

The Bachelor hands out roses to all the ladies he wishes to stay in the house, receiving a rose means she’s safe at the rose ceremony. Those who do not receive a rose exit the show.

The last three remaining ladies remaining may even be given the key to the fantasy suite to spend the night with South Africa’s very own Prince Charming and stand the chance of finding their forever after.

Will one of these beauties be swooped away by their knight in shining armour? Only time will tell…Who will get the gift of love this season at the final rose ceremony?

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