Cross Trainer Dropping Some Luxury Buscemi Sneakers


Cross Trainer South Africa have been known to have some of the freshest “kicks” on the market, but since the opening of their X-Trend store in Sandton City, they have really upped their game in a big way!

Have a look at these Buscemi sneakers, designed by the legendary Jon Buscemi, they are available in red, black and white. These unbelievably stylish sneakers are available for around R 11K, and only at the special Cross Trainer X- Trend. It’s important to note that Cross Trainer are the only licensed retailers of these sneakers in the whole of Africa!

Now imagine, as a Legacy Lifestyle member you are able to earn your rewards when making this purchase! Now that’s awesome! The possibilities are endless when your rewards become available to spend, so how about a new pair of sneakers?

The Cross Trainer brand has become synonymous with sneaker heads across the country for having a truly incredible range of premium footwear available at the best possible price, so next time you’re on the hunt for a latest sneaker drop in South Africa head down to Cross Trainer! Don’t forget that they are a Legacy Lifestyle partner where you can Earn or Redeem your Legacy Rands at too!


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